Encrypted calls

and messages for mobile devices.

Application Square

A new stake for business mobility

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New behaviors

The evolution of mobile behaviours in the Enterprise environment is generating a series of new major stakes such as data protection and confidentiality.

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Protect your Enterprise datas

Accessing enterprise critical  data bases from a smartphone, tablet or laptop increases professional risks.

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Business travel

Data leaks and confidentiality failures increase in Business Travel  environment.

Offering a world of confidential services for mobility


Encrypted data flows

Encrypted calls

Encrypted instant messaging


Confidentiality with no compromise on security

A full confidential and secured environment for the end-user.

Simplified adoption for the end-user

A single use QR Code deploys all security layers.


Ongoing certification process

Full audit lead by ANSSI* certified independant lab. CSPN certification expected by June 2016.

Instantly widen the circle of your confidential contacts

If my contact has not subscribed to SquareWay by Vivaction, only a few clic are necessary to establish an end-to-end confidential call.

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I send an invitation to my correspondant

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My correspondant instantly installs the secured phone's app

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Once installed, we are ready to exchange confidential information.


Is SquareWay by Vivaction available anywhere in the world ?

Yes : with SquareWay by Vivaction, you’re able to protect your mobile professionnal datas anywhere, with no additionnal cost.

Do my contacts get their data flows protected as well ?

If your contact has subscribed to  SquareWay by Vivaction or if you have used the invitation mecanism to build the confidentiality bridge, the overall flow between you and your contact is encrypted. We can also set up direct interconnection between Vivaction’s infrastructure and your Enterprise VPN, so that all your datas are encrypted.



Are my datas stored by Vivaction ?

No. All your actions are delted to fully respect your use, whatever flows is concerned : telephony, web search, messages.