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Based on innovation, bringing added value services to your customers, dedicated support for integration and technical transparency, Vivaction has been building international partnerships for more than 15 years.


Your data confidentiality is important.
We will not communicate them to third parties

What makes us different ?

20 years of experience in the Telecom Industry

Since 1995, Vivaction has developped both domestic and international partnerships to expand it’s reach, bringing specific know how in innovative telecom solutions

Technical transparency

Developing it’s own web services, as well as IP based solutions in Telephony, Roaming, Data Protection and Mobility, Vivaction offers you more than a partnership.

Add value services for additional mark-up

Our bottom line is to make your earn more and increase your sales, whatever market you target, wherever you are.

Our automatic online provisionning & billing tool for Resellers

You create and manage your clients

You can place your orders and follow the provisionning

You define your own mark-up on each product line


You produce your own branded invoices

Innovative solutions for new commercial opportunities

Vivaction’s Lab innovations

Open new doors and diversify sources of revenue are our Lab’s drivers : roaming solutions, mobile data encryption for confidentiality answer new telecom stakes for B2B customers, in a more and more mobile environment.

Business to Business  IP-based “classics”

Vivaction has been developing the most innovative Telecom products dedicated to enterprises for 20 years,mostly based on the development of it’s own IP network : High speed connectivity, VoIP and mobility are considered as “basics” for Vivaction.

International partner programs


You have a well established customer base and you are willing to increase your opportunities and income, and let Vivaction deal with all provisionning and billing aspects ? You can resell our innovative solutions, get passive and recurring income.


Telecom carrier

You’re a Telecom specialist or well established provider in your country, relying on it’s own provisionning and billing tools, building it’s own products and services, buying at the best cost. Voice Wholesale, International Roaming, White labelled VoIP Apps, we have solutions for you.


You can trust us !

“It”s been more than 3 years now since we have started our partnership with Vivaction, and are very pleased with it !”

Vivaction has helped us building our own VoIP offer, all along with additionnal web services that really answered most of our customers expectations.We really enjoy the professionnal support and the quality of the exchanges we have with Vivaction’s team, weither technical or commercial, which makes us confident for the future of our partnership.




+ 2000 entreprises, carriers and partners have placed their trust in Vivaction since  1995